Michi (nuriko) wrote in gochamazelove,

Maki News

* New album official, as you all probably know:

Title - How to Use Sexy
Release - September 19, 2007
Includes Secret, Glass no Pumps, and Some Boys! Touch, and 7 new songs. Two editions, limited & regular.

* New single coming out November 14, 2007, no title yet.

* New tour starts this weekend and goes through October! I'm seeing the first show this Saturday in Zama, Kanagawa, and also going to her birthday live on Sunday night the 23rd in Yokohama. Anyone else?

Maki was recently sick and backed out from some of the later MoMusu 10th concert performances. She's recovered now and has been in rehearsals for her upcoming tour. Hooray! There's my quick update. XD
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